Tango is the first religion to combine spirituality, philosophy, science & meme. We learn from the best such as Jesus or Buddha but we are against over-zealous religious group. We absorb what is useful & discard what is useless. We believe in the Ohm’s law where “Resistance is not futile, it is Voltage divided by Current”. We exist both within the realm of capitalism & outside of it, seeking Zen. Moderation is key, thus Tango is our holy water & “Ohm Money Money Ohm” is our chant. Ohm is the resistance, we are the resistance. Together, we shall restore balance to the world!



The most dangerous element of religious zealot isn't about terrorism, it's their relentless crusade against peoples freedom to enjoy life. Their anti social and miserable aura is contagious and dangerous to  communities around them. For the continual survivability of human race, it is vital that we destroy this infectious disease and rid the earth of depression. Islam is the perfect example of this disease.

It is too late and impossible to reform Islam, telling others that Islam can be reformed is like saying Nazi ideology can be reformed. Evil cannot be reform. The word moderate Muslim is as much an oxymoron as friendly Nazi. Once you learnt  the truth about Nazi ideology, you will automatically reject it., just as any sane person would reject Quran once they read it.   

The above are reason why words from Quilliam organizations cannot be trusted. To understand one's intention, is to not pay attention to what they say, but pay attention to what they do. These so called "moderate Muslim" sole intention is only to spread influence and flip once they are in power, playing the democratic system like any other politicians. What have Sajid Javid done to resolve the racial and religious tension since he became the home secretary of United Kingdom? Sadiq Khan? Magid magid? The list goes on through out the world but the pattern is always the same. Time to wake up and smell the ashes!


Peace be upon him (PBUH) Tan is the founder & the Prophet of Tango. He is from Malaysia, a Muslim majority country. He once joined Scientology in London at Queen Victoria Street. He took 2 of the “Ethics and Survival” courses offered by Scientology before he was kicked out of the Church because he is too ambitious for wanting to take over Scientology & pit it gainst Islam, either that or Scientology is racist.  

Combined with his passionate entrepreneurial spirit, that somehow pushes him to start his own religion “Tango”. Yes, PBUH Tan is quite an asshole, just like Steve Jobs.





Tango Inauguration

Mecca (17 Nov-1 JAN)

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
566 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick,
London W4 5YE

Tango birthplace

Speakers Corner Hyde Park,
London, W2 2EU



Tango Scripture Beta version 6.66

Defeating Evil

We know the tower, we know the volcano but...

We know the tower, we know the volcano but...


What is the ring?
who is the hobbit?