Is there God?

Dark implies Light. Good implies Evil. Life implies Death. Left implies Right. Dystopia implies Utopia. The latter cannot exist without the former. God is simply a word we use to explain the unexplainable. To be God is to be One, however Oneness cannot analyze itself. It always takes Two to Tango, it is the law of nature and universe.

To be human, is to embrace our emotions and conditions, accept it for what it is. Once you embrace yourself for who you truly are, you will see the Good in you. Life is a Sitcom (Drama), Religion is a Joke (Serious), God is Happy (Sad), the future is (NOT) Tango. It means, we have become one in the future. We are God and God is NOT great.

So, why so serious?

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How to be Good

To be Good in Tango, you will first need to understand yourself. The act of praying or worshiping is not the means to an end, it is just a ritual to get you to understand yourself. You can worship a can of Tango or a Pie, the focus isn’t on the object, but your state of mind. In fact, you are discouraged from praying too much, it’s the intuition or experiences that counts, not the number of prayers because we have established that, God is not great.

Once you are in control of yourself, you will become one with your environment or the people around you. Prophet Tan has exhibited this phenomenon during his travel in UK & Europe. When he was detained at Brook House immigration detention center due to overstaying his visa for 1 day, he found this book in the library by chance, “How to be Good” by Nick Hornby. Give it a go, it has a cliff hanger ending because it begs the question. Who are you? What do you want?

You can’t have everything. Love yourself, be yourself…or there is no self.

What is it going to be?


Is there One God, or does it takes Two to Tango?


Only one of them will lead to nirvana “Oh My God!”, choose wisely.