Speakers Corner Miracle

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Rush hour 4

Prophet Tan announced “the making of Rush Hour 4” at Speakers Corner in March 2018 and again on 18 February 2018, then the sequel is confirmed oficially on 22 February 2018. Previously only Jackie Chan has agreed to shoot Rush Hour 4 but Chris Tucker has not.

How does Prophet Tan knows?

Summer camp

Prophet Tan first made the remark on the coming of non-lethal Summer Camp at Speakers Corner if radical Muslim continue down the path of violent confrontation in December 2017 then the news of this program existing in China broke out in January 2018.

Subsequently, Prophet Tan announced on Tango.Church website that Summer Camp international program is coming in 2018. Guess what? It’s real. Not only does Yanis Varoufakis reaffirmed Prophet Tan’s stance on this issue in July 2018, Prophet Tan actually went to prison and deportation center to see for himself.

The prison are over populated, many prisoner are drug addicts or mentally ill, and many of them cannot be deported due to “loop hole” in international laws. These people are the perfect candidate for radicalization. When one side is radicalized, the other side will be radicalized too. It’s just the natural order.

Now, do you want to heed the warning of Prophet Tan, join Tango to work on a real solution, or continue to be the pawn in the game, believing you are winning? There is no winning in this game.


Dragon energy

On April Fool, yes…1st April 2018. Prophet Tan revealed his full prophecy - “Rush Hour”, “Revolution”, “Star Trek”, and “Propaganda”. In the “Propaganda” segment, Prophet Tan highlighted that the Western power and Donald Trump symbolizes the Fire Dragon, the Eastern power symbolizes Water Dragon while Kim Jong Un is just a puppet.

On 25 April 2018, Kanye West tweeted that Donald Trump and him both have dragon energy. Shortly after on 12 June 2018, Donald Trump met Kim Jong Un in Singapore for the first ever summit between US and North Korea. In that Summit, Donald Trump showed Kim Jong Un a Hollywood style “propaganda video”.

The future remains to be written but Prophet Tan knows.

Magical Bus

Flying horse? Turning water into wine? How about summoning a London Double-Decker bus at his will!

On September 9th after Prophet Tan made a speech, he was then escorted out of the park by the police for his own safety due to thuggish intimidation from G.A.N.G members, then an empty London Bus appear out of nowhere at a heavy congested area, to transport Prophet Tan and his disciples out to safety.

You don’t see that everyday.

Notice that banner on the bus? It was Prophet Tan’s subliminal message to the thugs at Speakers Corner.

UBer Agent

On the same day where the magical bus appeared, an Uber Eats guy brave the chaos and approached Prophet Tan, whispered something to his ear. What did the Uber guy says? Nobody knows.

Maybe he is saying “mate, your Chinese takeaway is cancelled”. One thing for certain, there seems to be plenty of agent (or Angels) surrounding Prophet Tan.

If Prophet Tan is an undercover agent, that means his deportation, arrest, “death” and everything is nothing but a fake?!

Who let the dogs out?

After Prophet Tan gave the speech “The Fucking Manifesto: Unser Kampf” on 2nd September 2018, citing his ability to “let the dog out” on the movement if they refuse to apologize to Lucy Brown and consolidate the movement into groups that observe discipline and honor.

Nobody will take you seriously until you show your power, like how America need to drop the nuke on Japan as a closing ceremony to world war 2 and announce to the world that they are now the superpower.

Same here. Woof woof, wham bam, sorry ma’am. It’s all collateral but necessary.


The Dog is out on Tommy!

Is there a dog out on Tommy Robinson? Tommy claimed that Lucy Brown is working with Vice media on a hit piece targeting him. Is Tommy really panicking as suggested by this geezer Joe Audritt?

On 20 November 2018, Tommy released another video telling his side of the story to share some of the “truth” and clearing Lucy Brown’s name, confirming that Lucy Brown is not a plant. It sounds almost as if it’s an apology…almost.

Wait a minute, who is the dog here again?

*grab popcorn*

Prophet Tan Dye for your sin

On 25 September 2018, Prophet Tan spoke with Tommy Robinson over the phone. He told Tommy, “If you tell me the truth of what happened on Day For Freedom, maybe I can get you out of jail”. Tommy then laughs and says “If I am out, I will give you a call” (he didn’t). Tommy did admit that Lucy is not a plant nor a traitor.

On the same day, Prophet Tan spoke to Lucy Brown and again, he asked for the truth.

On 26 September 2018, in the crappy Tango low budget sitcom “NOT the last supper”, Prophet Tan prophesied that on Tommy’s court hearing at Old Bailey’s Road, someone has to go to jail. It’s either Tommy or Prophet Tan because Hasan refuse to be the cannon fodder.

Now, Tommy is walking free and no longer in bail while Prophet Tan has been arrested multiple times. This is clearly the miracle of Prophet Tan. He went into jail, to get Tommy out…for now.


Prophet Tan Dye For Your Sin

repent before it’s too late!