Religious fundamentalism has been one of the root cause for extremism and geopolitical instability worldwide. They are hiding behind network of religious institution, place of worship, welfare organization, & foundations. This make it difficult for any democratic elected government or secular opposition to challenge them on any issues on a meaningful level, thus rendering liberal democracy ineffective and the balance is lost. State & church should always be separated for any government institution in the whole world. A good religion shouldn’t have to force its way of life or belief system unto believer or non-believer. Therefore, Tango the new world religion is here to level the playing field, Tango thrives as a “mirror” religion using satire, science, philosophy and meme, to uproot any religious body that is up to no good. As the saying goes, it takes 2 to Tango. Tango is not a cult, it is 100% peaceful and non-violent, its record speak for itself.



Make Tango, Tangible. France is burning right now and Poland is on the path towards ultra nationalism, we need to save them so the future generation can play “Beyond Good & Evil 2” (Ubisoft France) and “Cyberpunk 2077” (CDProjekt Poland). Prophet Tan gave up his corporate job and gaming life to pursue this, he is willing to give it all up to help the world, will you help him?

01. Legally recognized religion

Tango is a religion, not a cult. The founder, Prophet Tan has not once go against the will of authority because he understand the importance in rule of law.

02. Charities organization

What is the point of religion if it can’t help people? Tango is set to re-invent charities which will focus on social care and mental illness. Save the family, save the world.

03. Pub as religious center

We need to social more in real life instead of social media. It’s time for digital detox, the best way to defeat George Orwell 1984. Remember, the point is to get tipsy, not drunk. For relaxing time, have a Gin & Tango.

04. Freedom of SPeech

Freedom of Speech “with the right intention”. Most importantly, what is your point? Are you for the truth? We can all make great speeches that serve no one, or say the darnedest things but with good will. So, do you want to save the world or not, dipshit?


The Buddhist believe the world is an illusion, Elon Musk believes we are living in a simulation, What does Tango believe?

Life is a sitcom, Religion is a comedy, God is Happy (Gay), Prophet Tan dye for your sin. The future is Tango!

Whenever you are at the darkest place or lowest point of your life, remember the mantra of Tango - how do I make this funny? Meditate, travel, walk, or just keep moving, inspiration and enlightenment will come your way. God live in all of us, just be yourself.

Ohm money money ohm.