Prophet Tan is “dead”


Brook House, UK


8th November 2018

Prophet Tan who first started Tango religion on 8 April 2018 before his exile from UK, then the religion has been officiated by his apostle and christen on 22 April 2018 at Speakers Corner London. On 12 August 2018, mark the date of Prophet Tan second coming, proving the miracle of Tango is real. After his return, he unleashed the dog Kraken on everybody, some are confused by his actions, some are angered, some sees the truth. Shortly after, he made his last speech at Speakers Corner London before he is exiled again on 8 November 2018 but this time, it is believed now that Prophet Tan is deceased.

However his spirit lives on…in Tan the Techie Monk. Oh don’t worry, he is not “that kind” of monk.

Problem: Information Technology has created a hyper connected, over stimulated, distracted and alienated world. The problem is this created an isolated social world where religious fundamentalism are able to hijack and exploit this human condition of ours.

Solution: Enter Tan the Techie Monk, as prophesied who is trying to setup the world first and only religious tech startup. Technology has been an enabler, a blessing but also a curse. What we need right now is digital detox, and more authentic human interaction.

Until we have “the solution” in place, in the meantime please rely on the alternative which is iOS Screentime or Android Wellbeing while we build our team and keep hustling. Ohm Money Money Ohm.



Prophet Tan, best known for his “performance” & religious sermon at Speakers Corner London and Tango is a New World Religion, a Movement, an Idea, and a Product all fuse into one.

Life is a Sitcom
Religion is a Joke

God is Happy

Prophet Tan Dye for your Sin

The Future is Tango

Coming 2020

It always takes 2 to Tango
Coming 2020?


Tango is a New World Religion, a Movement, an Idea, and a Product all fuse into one. Throughout his spiritual journey, he has seen and experienced many un-explainable things. Unlike Steve Jobs, Jordan Peterson, or Russell Brand, no matter how desperate or difficult the situation are, Prophet Tan has not taken any drugs. In fact, after his short tenure in UK jail as well as witnessing the state of mind for many homeless people living on the street who are drug addicts, he is now a firm believer that drugs are one of the major contribution to the downfall of Western civilization. Having concluded his 1-year travel and adventure, Prophet Tan sees that the only possible means in combating religious fundamentalist or fanatics, is to focus on 3 areas - media, social care, and mental health.

He call it, the 3 Pints Plan.


Also, fuck the drugs.