Coincidence or Miracle?

Seeing is believing

Miracle, Reality Distortion Field, Faith, what is the difference?

is Prophet Tan mad

Some people think he is mad. Some people think he is genius. He went to hell and back from hell, just to get the mental assessment from a group of psychiatrist, 6 of them. The verdict?

Not crazy. What is normal anyway? The way I see it, everything we do in life at the moment is mad. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different result, is that not insanity?

One of the psychiatrist who declared on the spot that I am perfectly sane, offered me an advice “It’s either you be very clear with your message, or you go round and round” I refuted by saying “That is not how a Prophet works” We actually debated and my argument is, there is a reason you are a psychiatrist sitting behind a desk while I am the one who is a Prophet going out and do something about it.

If I am crazy, you are all crazy.

Populism politics is about exploiting insanity. Religion is about exploiting insanity. Tech cult is about exploiting insanity. If everyone is exploiting insanity as a mean to organized people to get something done, why shouldn’t we? Going against the tide of insanity is like saying no to capitalism, it’s bound to fail. In madness we find sanity. It’s time to funnel our craziness into achieving something meaningful for the world. It’s time to change religion for the better. It’s 21st century for Christ...sake.

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