a Better future where Life is a sitcom & religion is a joke

The invention of Religion is suppose to bring us peace and harmony but very often it brought the contrary, causing immense human suffering as proven throughout our human history. As much as how some of us wish that religion had never existed but the unfortunate truth is, you can never destroy religion. It is part of the human condition, wanting to believe in something, something to fall back on, to seek out the meaning of life. 

For this very reason, the next best course of action is to upgrade religions by turning them into comedy. A great comedy is an art, and there is no democracy in a truly great art. “Tango” is one of those art and it is the only way we can help the world.  Any old world religions which hates on other religions, races, or idolater, will be obliterated by Tango. No, this is not a paradox, it's a fail safe design embedded within Tangoism. 

We create our own realities. Do you want it to be a joke, or real?